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Disney "Star vs The Forces of Evil"

Al Rights Reserved Copyright © Disney

Full Animation Production Service

Provides pipeline animation production including TOON BOOM HARMONY centralized system.


Fully digital process to find the best efficiency in time and cost. But the most provocative and innovative tools in the world are useless without the right people using them so Sugarcube is led by a creative team grounded in the very fundamentals of the animation art. And in the actual workplace and marketing environment. 


Executive Directors possess over thirty years of collective experience in the pipeline animation. 


IT'S A SWEET MIX The right tools and the right people to bring your vision to its full potential


Intellectual Property in Concept and Storytelling 


Sprout Branding

Sprout / Oishi Creative



through analog paper to full digital process

Traditional in Paper


FLASH + Hybrid Digital


Harmony - Full Digital

"We believe in fundamental drawing by hand"

Strong hand drawing

in traditional paper

Drawing directly in digital platform

Toon Boom Harmony

based on traditional method

Flash and After Effects

as additional digital tool

for SFX and animation


"Aces High"

Sugarcube Original Series

For Inquiries and Reel Request

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